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District or Site-Specific Consultation and Presentations

  1. Physical literacy
  2. Strategic planning
  3. National, state, and local updates
  4. Curriculum development
  5. Curriculum mapping
  6. Instructional walk-throughs and observations
  7. Developing formative and summative assessment tools
  8. Rethinking class time to increase physical activity and student learning
  9. Meeting the needs of each and every learner
  10. Student Centered Learning
  11. Technology to support physical literacy
  13. Syllabus development
  14. Data collection/analysis (physical activity, equity, student discourse, FITNESSGRAM, etc.)
  15. Use of best practices
  16. Addressing health/physical education/wellness in Local Control and Accountability Plans (LCAPs)
  17. BTSA/Induction Program support
  18. Federal Program Monitoring (FPM) support
  19. Customized consultation based on district/site needs
  20. Customized presentations based on district/site needs
Middle school students collaborating


For more information and to book services, contact Paige Metz or call 858-569-5349.