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TK-8 Intervention

​​​​​Check out our interactive professional learning sessions that are offered on a variety of topics from early literacy through secondary English language arts instruction. Meeting the double demand of being both practical and understood in principled ways, our sessions encourage participants to internalize their learning, try things out, and reflect upon new ways of doing and being.

All of the workshops below can be customized for your district. Please contact Cynthia Craft​ for more information. 

The San Diego County Office of Education offers CIM, a portfolio of literacy interventions, in partnership with St. Mary's College Kalmanovitz School of Education. Develop expertise in any or all of these interventions: 

  •  Reading Recovery (grade 1) Starts Sep 5
  •  Guided Reading Plus (grades 1-6)
  •  Comprehension Focus Group (grades 3-12)
  •  Dyslexia Intervention ( grades 1-3)
 Contact Cynthia Craft to schedule a workshop for your school or district.

Customized - Contact Cynthia Craft to schedule a workshop for your school or district.

Literacy Intervention Network Flier

Literacy Intervention Network

The San Diego County Office of Education now offers a Literacy Intervention Network in partnership with St. Mary's College Kalmanovitz School of Education and University of Arkansas, Little Rock. Teachers must be experts in observing the changes that occur over time in children’s literacy behaviors and be able to make moment-to-moment decisions based on their strengths and areas of need.

Running RecordsFlier for the using running records as formative assessment, on April 26, 2018 Workshops

In these sessions participants will analyze reading using running records. Participants will practice examining running records for evidence of sources of information used and neglected by reading in Spanish and English. Also, participants will apply running records as a part of the formative assessment process to guide their instruction.participants will practice looking fro trends and patterns across language in order to determine next steps for instruction.  Contact Cynthia Craft to schedule a workshop for your school or district.

Flier for the Dyslexia Intervention, starting May 2, 2018

Dyslexia Intervention

During this two-day professional learning, teachers will explore an intervention for targeted students who experience moderate to severe difficulties with literacy development, including dyslexia. The multisensory lesson components include phonological awareness, reading, and writing. One Graduate university unit available for an additional $310.  Contact Cynthia Craft to schedule a workshop for your school or district.

Flier for the Guided Reading Plus Intervention, starting May 22, 2018

Guided Reading Plus Intervention, Grades K-2
In this course, participants learn the intervention framework and specialized procedures for implementing Guided Reading Plus as a component of the Comprehensive Intervention Model developed by the Center for Literacy at UALR. During each 8- week cycle of Guided Reading Plus, teachers will work with small groups at least three times weekly using a range of diagnostic student assessments to monitor student progress during the intervention. Certification from St. Mary's College is available for an extra fee.  Contact Cynthia Craft to schedule a workshop for your school or district.