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Egg Drop

A non-competitive event 

Number of Participants: 2 (May be alternates) 
Approximate time: 15 minutes

Description: The objective is to have a two-person team construct a package to protect an egg (from breaking) which will be dropped free fall from a height selected by the tournament director.


  • the package size is no more than 12 cm. X 12 cm.
  • glass and metal may not be used
  • there is no weight limit
  • each container should be labeled with the student's name and the name of the school they are representing
  • parachutes may be used
  • students must supply their own raw egg
  • students may work alone or with ONE partner
  • packages will be dropped, free fall from the cherry picker at a height selected by the judge.


Those eggs that survive the drop without breakage or showing any detectable fractures or chips will be winners! Results for all schools will be posted.