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Elementary Science Field Day Resources

​​​​​​Elementary Science Field Day events often require additional research and resources. Please let us know of any resources you have found to be helpful.

Print Resources

Rosh H. Arnett, Jr. and Richard L. Jacques, Jr. Guide to the Insects. Simon and Schuster, 1981

Roger G. Bland and H.E. Jacques How to Know the Insects. Wm. C. Brown, 1978

Borror, DeLong and Triplehorn An Introduction to the Study of Insects. Holt, Rinehart, and Winston, 1976

David Suzuki Looking at Insects. Warner Books, 1986

Electronic Resources

Structure to Success​
NOVA Online: Super Bridge: Learn about the four major types of bridges and then test your knowledge by matching the right bridge to the right location.​

Starry, Starry Night​
The Constellations and their Stars: Check out the Interactive Sky Charts for some practice in identifying constellations.

Changing Earth​
This Dynamic Earth: Online USGS publication detailing plate tectonics.