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Elementary Science Field Day Rules

​​The following rules were formulated by the event steering committee. The intention of the rules is to provide a safe, fair and fun event for all.

  • All schools participating must either captain an event, co-captain an event, or provide a non-competitive event.
  • Individual event rules are established by event captains.
  • Event captains will settle any dispute or controversy; their decision is final.
  • Awards will be given in each event as follows: 5-first place, 5-second place, 5-third place, 5-fourth place, 5-fifth place.
  • All events begin on time; late arrivals will forfeit the event.
  • Event captains will check-in each event participant. Students not officially entered will be denied entry. Coaches are responsible for communicating with each event captain if an alternate is used.
  • Teams consist of up to (16) sixteen participants and (2) two alternates. Sixth grade is limited to (4) four participants. Teams may enter (1) one participant in an event if necessary, except: Mirror Magic (3), Triathlon.
  • Alternates are used only if someone is sick or unable to attend. Sixth grade alternates may only replace sixth grade participants.
  • The two alternates may attend the Field Day and participate in the non-competitive events.
  • Coaches, event captains, and co-captains are responsible for recruiting parent support.
  • Each team provides supervision of students during the entire event. Parents, students, and teachers much remain on campus during the entire event.
  • Each team will have a team assembly area. It is recommended that each team provide shade cover, food and water.
  • Food is allowed in outdoor areas only. Teams are responsible for keeping the grounds clean. Coaches are responsible for making certain their team keeps the grounds clean. Food, snacks and drinks will be available throughout the day at the snack bar.
  • Athletic equipment is not allowed on campus on the day of the event.
  • Teams acting in an inappropriate manner may forfeit the event and will not be asked back.