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Elementary Science Field Day May 16 2020

Science Field Day Cancelled due to COVID-19

Cancelled due to COVID-19, please click here to read more.

For more information about COVID-19 or information about school closures, updates and the latest resources, please visit our newsroom webpage.

The Science Field Day is held in the spring each year. Students in grades 4, 5 and 6 compete in 15 science related events on the field day. Each student will participate in two or three events. In addition, many non-competitive events go on throughout the day making a festival atmosphere.

The Field Day is run and organized by the participating teachers and schools. Participating schools are asked to be an event captain, co-captain, or provide a non-competitive event on the Field Day.

An awards ceremony culminates the Field Day. Awards are given to 25 teams for each event. Schools bring banners to parade their time in, adding to the festival atmosphere.

A snack bar is available on the Field Day with juices, coffee, breakfast rolls, snacks, and a complete lunch menu.

For bus purposes please plan on leaving at 4 p.m. If you need to leave before this time it is important that you have a representative stay and pick up your awards. It is not possible to mail them later. $200 per team.

Events Fair at the county office - 4PM on Feb. 12, 2020 in Annex B

All schools registered for the annual ESFD event should attend Events Fair. 

Event Captains will provide event rules and specifications to participants.


Event Captains

Team Numbers

Team Roster

Field Day Schedule

ESFD Rules 


Non Competitive Event Instructions​​

Event Map​


Field Day Directions​