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Elementary ELA Professional Development

Reading Recovery flyerReading Recovery

Specially trained teachers work individually with
struggling students in daily 30-minute lessons
lasting 12 to 20 weeks. After a full series of lessons,
about 75% of these students reach grade-level


Click here for Reading Recovery resources – information, forms, videos

Customized - Contact Cynthia Craft to schedule a workshop for your school or district.

PDF of Observation and Assessment FlyerObservation and Assessment of Early Literacy Achievement

Marie Clay designed An Observation Survey of Early
Literacy Achievement as a literacy assessment tool for
classroom teachers of children in the early stages of
learning to read and write. The Observation Survey
consists of five tasks, each of which informs a
different aspect of a child's literacy learning. In
addition to these tasks, the teacher performs Running
Records on the child's reading of continuous text.
Running Records allow teachers to effectively and
accurately observe, record, and analyze a child's
reading in order to make effective teaching decisions.

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