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Nutrition Expedition

Number of Participants: 2

Description: Contestants will work as a team to answer questions regarding human nutrition. Contestants will not be allowed to bring any supplies or notes into the competition. Any materials needed will be provided.


Section I. Teams work together to complete a "fill in the blank" written test. A word bank will be provided with possible answers (25 points)

Questions will cover:
  • What is the science of nutrition?
  • Sources and functions of: 1. Macronutrients: water, carbohydrates, fats, protein and 2. Micronutrients: vitamins and minerals
  • Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA)- general understanding of what RDA is. Students will not be asked specific amounts recommended.
  • Percent Daily Value (DV)- general understanding of how it is used.
  • Food Guide Pyramid
  • Dietary Guidelines for Americans

Sample questions for Section I: 

  1. _____________ is needed for growth and repair.
  2. The amount of a nutrient needed daily to stay healthy is the ________.
  3. ___________ is the most abundant nutrient in your body.
  4. Good nutrition includes eating a ____________ of foods.

Sample word bank for Section I:

Variety, water, RDA, protein 

Section II. Food Pyramid (25 points)

Food models (plastic food) will be displayed.
Contestants will answer questions regarding the food pyramid as it relates to sample meals provided.

Scoring: Time to complete both sections will be recorded. In the event of a tie, the team with the shortest time will win.


Highly Recommended:

  • Food and Nutrition for Every Kid. Janice Van Cleave. 1999. John Wiley & Sons: New York. Chapters 1-9
  • USDA Consumer Information Center: "The Food Guide Pyramid"

Other Resources:

    For Students:
  • A True Book About Vitamins and Minerals. Joan Kalbacken. 1998. Children's Press.
  • Diet and Nutrition. Brian Ward. 1987. Franklin Watts, London.
  • Vitamins, What They Are, What They Do. Judith Seixas. 1986. Morrow & Co.
    For Coaches:
  • Food Pyramid, Dairy Council of California
  • Food and Nutrition Center, Recommended Dietary Allowance and Dietary Reference Intakes
  • Recommended Dietary Allowances 10th ed. 1989. National Academy of Sciences, National Academy Press, Washington, DC.
  • How Nutrition Works. K.M. Napier. 1995. Ziff-Davis Press, Emeryville, CA.