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​​​​The San Diego County Office of Education Science Department offers a variety of events and professional learning opportunities to help educators learn about and deepen their understanding of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), plan science instruction, develop assessments, and evaluate materials for alignment to the new standards. These services are designed to support and build capacity of districts and schools implementing the NGSS.​

Visit our Professional Learning Opportunities​ page for more information on each of our offerings ​and to register for these events or click the flyer image to download the annual list of offerings.

Winter Science Snippets+ Professional Learning Series

Session #3: Getting Students Outside with Science Notebooks

Session #2: Using Formative Assessment to Enhance Student Learning

Session #1: Using the Crosscutting Concepts to Spark and Deepen Classroom Discourse

Summer Science Snippets Professional Learning Series

Session #4: Supporting Use of the Science and Engineering Practices in Virtual Leaning Spaces - Developing and Using Models

Session #3: Leveraging Local Phenomena in Virtual Learning Spaces

Session #2: Using Science to Spark Meaningful Conversations

Session #1: Using SDCOE’s Distance Learning Units of Study