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Teacher Leadership Academy

 ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Teacher Leadership Academy provides concentrated, high-quality professional learning for established teachers searching for the knowledge​ and tools to be more effective coaches and team leaders.         

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Teacher leaders play a vital role as districts work to ensure equity and access for all students to meet the rigorous expectations of the California content standards. The San Diego County Office of Education is committed to providing professional learning that meets the needs of our essential teacher leaders.


This four-day, intensive Teacher Leadership Academy is a great fit for classroom teachers, teachers on special assignment, content coaches, and grade-level and team leads of all content areas grades K-12.

The Teacher Leadership Academy is designed with your schedule in mind. Begin the academy in September with two days devoted to building your capacity as a coach and teacher leader.  Develop observation skills and expert noticing using a research-based instructional framework that can be applied to all content areas​.  Discover new ways to analyze lessons and prepare for coaching conversations that build upon the strengths of your fellow teachers.

Days three and four of the Teacher Leadership Academy will revolve around a school team. Two days of on-site learning and application bring your team from learning to doing within the school context. Activities may include observing instruction, analyzing lessons, preparing for a coaching conversation, and coaching the observed classroom teacher.  


"I appreciated the emphasis on building on the teacher’s strengths during the coaching process. I think it eases the relationship between coach and teacher by starting with the understanding that they are doing something right, now let’s go from there."​

"I am now more aware of the structure of a coaching session, and I have new strategies that I can use when coaching teachers at my school. Most importantly, I was able to catch myself “giving solutions” instead of guiding teachers in a reflective process in order to develop their own."​

"This program helped me reflect on how I provide feedback to colleagues and peers as it pertains to their goals without pushing my own agenda.​"



Please contact Jennifer Currie if you would like to offer the Teacher Leadership Academy for your school or district.

Example schedule from 2018 SDCOE cohort.

You must register for Days 1 and 2. Dates for the on-site practicum will be determined by Day 2.

​​​​​​​​Days 1​ and 2​​ ​​​D​ays 3 and 4
​​​Building My Capacity as
a Coach and Teacher
On-Site Practicum

​​Sites and groups to be
         Learn approaches and
                              access tools that will help
                              you develop your expert
                              noticing skills, analyze
                              lessons and prepare for
                              coaching conversations.

                              Practice using tools 
                              introduced in the institute 
                              within your context. Activities 
                              may include observing 
                              instruction, preparing for a
         coaching conversation, and the 
                              observed teacher as a learning team.

September 24-25, 2019
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Tue ​October 9, 2018
​​Tue  November 6, 2018
Wed​​  October 10, 2018
Wed November 7, 2018
​​​ ​​​
​Thur  October 11, 2018
Thur​  November 8, 2018



$300 per person​

$275 per person for district or school teams of 2 or more



  • Promote equitable practices so that all students have access to rigorous learning opportunities.

  • Develop expert noticing and use an instructional framework as a tool to build common understanding of high quality teaching and learning.

  • Apply practices to specific content areas that center on student learning.

  • Integrate instructional knowledge into practice within the context of a particular school or district.

  • Develop a leadership voice in alignment with your school’s values and mission.

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Cherissa Kreider-Beck​
Coordinator, Language Arts

Cynthia Craft​
Coordinator, Language Arts