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Triathlon Relay

​​General Science Questions will come from:
Brain Quest Cards - 5th & 6th grade editions - science questions only
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10.95 (discounts for educators available)

Number of Participants: 4

Time: Approximately 30 minutes.

Description: A team of four students will compete in three physical events set on a course. Before each event, staying in the same order, they will each answer one general science question. Each participant will be able to answer up to three questions correctly by the end of the event (a total of 12 questions per team). Each wrong answer will add one minute to their total end time.

Possible events for the triathlon (three will be selected):

  • Balance beam waling while walking with a beanbag on head. Participant must keep the beanbag balanced on their head while walking the designated "beam"
  • Jumping rope
  • Dribbling a basketball between cone
  • Hopping to a point and back
  • Shooting a basketball through a hoop
  • Throwing an item, which could be a ball, Frisbee, bean bag, etc. into a rubber storage container
  • Throwing a Frisbee between a hula hoop
  • Tossing a ball from partner to partner, around in a circle or square
  • Walking a golf ball on a spoon to a line and back
  • Walking with a ball between the legs and dropping it into a bucket
  • Shuttle race
  • Over / Under race with a sponge (under legs, over head)


  1. Appropriate athletic attire is advised. Change of clothing is recommended during inclement weather
  2. Students will line up at the starting line. 
  3. Stop watch will start.
  4. Students will approach a station, hand in score sheet and answer a question.
  5. Once all four students have had their question, they will then do the skill at that station.
  6. They move to the next station as a group.
  7. Students need to stay in the same order.
  8. Questions should be answered as rapidly as possible to avoid loss of time.
  9. Your team may not advance to the next station until your four questions have been answered and all have attempted the physical skill.
  10. Upon completion of the circular course, the stop watch will stop and time recorded. Any wrong answers to science questions will add additional minutes to the team's total course time.
  11. Total team times will be kept by timekeepers and recorded on score sheet.