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​​​​​​​​Visual and Performing Arts Professional (VAPA) Learning​ Opportunities​

San Diego Area Arts Leadership Community

SDCOE and the Southern Counties California Arts Project (SouthCAP) partner in facilitating the San Diego Area Arts Leadership Community. This community of TK-12 school district arts leaders investigate arts education topics and current research, to maintain awareness of issues and policies impacting arts education in California.  The community provides a system of support for arts leaders to share, reflect, problem solve, and learn from each other, especially in our current circumstances with shifting contexts in face-to-face, virtual, and hybrid models of instruction. Fall Sessions will take place Feb. 12, 26, Mar. 19, Apr. 16, May 14, & June 4.

Music that Unifies:  Developing Empathy and Understanding through World Music

Join us for this set of interactive sessions designed to utilize the power of music to broaden a participant's world view and develop a greater sense of empathy. The sessions will reinforce both the need for discipline specific music and arts instruction as well as integrated instruction to benefit the whole child.  We will explore the lives of people in other parts of the world through music, while also introducing and reinforcing key music standards.

This series will combine a short asynchronous session, a more in-depth 90-minute experiential session, and an hour-long discussion three weeks later, after participants have had the opportunity to try some of the lessons or lesson resources with students. May 3 & May 24, 2021. Register Here

Amp Up the Arts and Math in STEAM

The connection between math and each of the arts disciplines goes beyond the practical nature of computation to the core of what is truly beautiful about math and the arts. We have designed lessons that integrate the different artistic processes in the new CA Arts Standards to enhance and enrich the study of mathematics PK-12.  We will experience a lesson together and explore how you can continue the work of integrating math and the arts so that they share the leading role in your lessons.  Virtual sessions available upon request.

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Pauline Crooks

VAPA Coordinator


Christina Fekas-Gorman

Administrative Assistant


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