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DCP Digital Content Portal

Digital Content Portal

The San Diego County Office of Education provides a collection of vetted digital resources for students, parents, and teachers through its Digital Content Portal (DCP). More than 25,000 students and teachers have utilized DCP since it was created in 2011. It's an easy-to-use online portal with access to videos, e-books, images, research databases, and more. 

The DCP online library promotes equity and access and helps to close the digital divide. 

DCP Resources:

California State Purchased Databases:

Students have access to fun and engaging resources from Bill Nye the Science Guy, The Magic School Bus, Reading Rainbow to encyclopedias or online graphic novels. Teachers have access to online lesson plans aligned with state standards, a professional development database, and much more.

The portal provides teachers with instructional resources, increases student engagement, and supports information literacy, research skills, and college and career readiness.

Unlock new adventures for your students in a safe place to learn, discover, and create.