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Instructional Media Resource Associate Certification

Expand your skills and elevate your expertise with the Instructional Media Resource Associate (IMRA) Certification. 

Developed by the San Diego County Office of Education for K-12 school library staff, the IMRA course is one of the few professional learning opportunities for library technicians and related classified staff members.

The IMRA course can be customized for a district or county office cohort.

IMRA Certified badgeThe eight-week IMRA online course of study is designed for school site K-12 librarians and library media technicians. It includes one in-person instructional component and eight online modules. In the course, participants will examine Model School Library Standards, state standards, digital citizenship, information literacy, and technology tools.


IMRA 2 certified badgeIMRA2.pdf is the second course of the series and will advance the skills and knowledge for participants who have completed their IMRA certification. This course will empower library staff to improve the quality of service in their library media center and better prepare students for college and career opportunities in the 21st century.


Upcoming Dates:

IMRA 1: January, 28th, 2021, 12 pm - 3 pm via zoom
Price: $200.00
Registration Link:

This video below highlights the benefits of the IMRA course to students, administrators, families, and the school culture in addition to the course participants.