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Learning Resource Display Center

The San Diego Learning Resource Display Center (LRDC) serves as a regional preview center for K-8 State Board of Education (SBE) adopted instructional materials. The LRDC is a resource for pre-service teachers, educators, business partners, and community members by:

  • Providing a central location for the preview of K-8 instructional materials adopted by the California State Board of Education.
  • Providing an appropriate public display of learning resources under consideration for state adoption and facilitating public review and comment (required by Education Code Section 60202).
  • Serving as a review site to evaluate state-approved instructional materials for local adoption and use.

The LRDC is located at an off-site location and is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Please call to reserve 619-718-4987.

Instructional Materials Information

Adoptions are conducted every eight years in the curriculum areas of English language arts, mathematics, science, history-social science, visual and performing arts, health, and world languages. The adoption process involves three concurrent steps; Social content review, Public review/comment, and Education content review. For more information about instructional materials evaluation and adoption please click here.

Pursuant to California Education Code (EC) Section 60210, a school district may utilize instructional materials not adopted by the SBE, so long as the materials are aligned to state standards and a majority of the participants in any review process conducted by the district are classroom teachers who are assigned to the subject area or grade level of the materials being reviewed. For more information click here

Accessible formats (braille, large print, and audio recordings) of SBE-adopted instructional materials for students with disabilities may be requested from the Clearinghouse for Specialized Media and Technology (CSMT) located at the California Department of Education, as a free service. For further information please visit the CSMT web page or email CSMT.



2019 Draft of the Health Education Framework

The draft framework is available for its first 60-day public review and comment period. The online survey has been posted on California Department of Education Health Education Curriculum Framework Web page. The survey asks reviewers to rate the draft chapters and appendix documents. The survey also has space for comments on and suggested edits to each chapter and appendix document. Reviewers can respond to as many or as few survey items as they wish. The public review and comment period will end on Friday, June 29, 2018, at which time the online survey will become inactive.

Public comments can also be sent to the Instructional Quality Commision by mail (address below) or by e-mail to

Mail comments to:

Instructional Quality Commission c/o CFIRD
Health Education Framework
California Department of Education
1430 N Stree, Suite 3207
Sacramento, CA 95814

2018 Science Instructional Materials Adoption

There are 20 publishers that submitted a total of 33 programs for grades K-8. The San Diego LRDC will receive Instructional materials in late April, ready for public display on May 29, 2018. The student materials are accessible digitally at CDE's Participating Publishers and Programs Page. The CA SBE encourages public review of these instructional materials for consideration and invites comment. Comments may be emailed to Comments received by 5 p.m. on July 2, 2018, will be forwarded to the review panels that will be deliberating on July 16-20, 2018. SBE will provide an officialized list in November 2018. The San Diego LRDC will host an instructional materials fair showcasing the approved science materials on February 6, 2019.

2017 History-Social Science Materials Adoption 

On November 9, 2017, the California Department of Education (SBE) adopted 10 out of the 12 History-Social Science instructional programs submitted for recommendation by the Instructional Quality Commission. The Clearinghouse for Specialized Media and Technology (CSMT) is preparing for the receipt of the final versions of the 2017 H-SS instructional materials and electronic copies from publishers to begin the process of creating alternate accessible formats in April 2018. The San Diego LRDC will receive final versions of the newly adopted materials in April 2018 as well. A complete adoption report and a full listing of these materials may be found on the first link below.

2018 Draft of the Computer Science Standards

A draft of the computer science standards developed by the Computer Science Standards Advisory Committee (CSSAC) will be presented to the Instructional Quality Commission (IQC) in March 2018. After the IQC takes action, there will be a 60-day comment and public review period. In July 2018, the IQC will analyze the public review of standards to the State Board of Education (SBE). The SBE will take action on the IQC's recommended Computer Science Standards at their September 2018 meeting. Further information can be found on the Computer Science Education web page. It's important to note there will not be an open adoption call for instructional materials from CDE for the subject area of Computer Science.

2019 Revision of the Visual and Performing Arts Standards

Education Code (EC) Section 60605.13 calls for the State Superintendent of Public Instruction (SSPI), in consultation with the Instructional Quality Commission (IQC), to recommend to the State Board of Education (SBE) revisions to the current Visual and Performing Arts Content Standards for Public Schools, Prekindergarten Through Grade Twelve (VAPA Standards) in the subjects of dance, music, theater, and visual arts, and recommend standards in the subject of media arts, on or before January 31, 2019. The SSPI is to consult with the IQC and select a group of experts to form a VAPA Standards Advisory Committee (VAPA SAC) to assist with making these revisions and recommendations. The National Core Arts Standards are to serve as the basis for deliberations.

California educators and content experts applied for appointment to the VAPA SAC in September and October. The work of the VAPA SAC will be conducted February through May of 2018, and be directed by a set of guidelines developed as an outcome of several focus groups conducted throughout the state in early 2017. Interested stakeholders may follow the revision process and learn about opportunities to participate by subscribing to the VAPA listserv. Send a blank email to

2019 Revision of the World Language Standards

The IQC has recommended the guidelines for the revision of the standards to the SBE, who will act on the guidelines on January 18-19, 2018. The 2019 WL Standards will have goals aligned with other content standards:

  • Support multilingualism for CA's unique and diverse student population
  • Reflect the language and guiding principles of the CA ELD Standards
  • Include a path toward attaining the State Seal of Biliteracy

Instructional materials aligned to these new standards are projected to be available in November 2021.

2021 Revision of the Mathematics Framework

The Mathematics Framework is scheduled to be revised by 2021, accordingly, the work will begin with focus groups across the state in the Fall of 2019. The Mathematics Instructional Materials adoption is scheduled to follow in 2022 with a projected San Diego Instructional Materials Fair in early 2023.