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Frequently Asked Questions by Business Partners

Partnership is an educational tool that is integral to the success of CTE. Business partners can enhance CTE courses in a variety of ways including donations of time, expertise, equipment and monetary contributions. Business involvement brings real world knowledge and skills into the classroom and exposes students to experiences and insights they would not otherwise receive. In return, business partners help shape the future of their industry by contributing to the education and skill sets of students who one day will become members of the workforce.

How can your business help us to prepare students to become future employees?

  • By participating as an Advisory Board member

Advisory Board Participation—Industry representatives have the opportunity to sit on specific industry advisory boards, allowing them to work directly with teachers in the development of new curriculum designed to meet current industry needs. In addition, advisory boards can provide critiques of existing courses, examining how well they fit with real world industry requirements.  

  • By becoming a mentor to a class

Mentorships—Partner employees can also offer one-on-one time with students for a more in-depth look at a given industry or specific job focus.  This may be accomplished by email, class visits or what ever fits your needs.

  • By speaking in a classroom setting

Speaking Opportunities—Industry speakers are invited to talk with students about their own experiences in their field of choice, as well as the current and anticipated workforce needs within their specific industry.

  • By providing the opportunity for students and/or teachers to participate in a job shadow

Job Shadowing—Students can tour a company's facilities, or shadow an employee to get a real flavor of the industry.

  • By becoming an CTE internship site

Internships—Learning by doing—The best way for students to understand how an industry works and what is actually required in a specific job is to have the opportunity to perform an internship. Business partners provide opportunities for students to spend time, paid or unpaid, in real world business environments, allowing students to get hands-on experience in their field of interest.

Frequently Asked Questions about Internships

  • By donating equipment to a specific class

For more information on how to get involved with CTE as a business partner, please contact us at 858-571-7243. We will be able to provide you with assistance in selecting a school site with which to partner, as well as assisting in the development of a partnership program specifically suited to fit the needs of your organization.