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Equity Grant

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The San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE) in partnership with the Kern County Superintendent of Schools was awarded a $1.25 million grant from the California Department of Education (CDE) to implement efforts that will support and accelerate learning for students who are English learners and African American students. 

The grant is an important step for our county's students and for the County Office of Education and our commitment to ensuring that all of our students graduate fully prepared to be successful in college and career.

SDCOE is sharing it's process through a series of videos. To view the videos above at full screen select the video below:

The California Equity Performance and Improvement Program is designed to help make progress reducing the academic performance gap for underrepresented students, according to the CDE.

SDCOE will be working with schools in San Diego County to build the capacity of teachers and school leaders to increase equity for students by improving the school systems. 

In collaboration with Kern County, SDCOE will implement an Educational Equity for African American and English Learners Project, which will help improve student outcomes. 

The Santa Clara County Office of Education was awarded the second grant for $1.25 million through the equity program. It created the California One: Highway to Success for All project for students with disabilities, English learners, and African American students.

Both grantees will disseminate information on effective equity practices; develop and provide trainings, conferences, and workshops; and work with targeted student groups. Information will be shared statewide.

The funding is part of the state budget and authorized CDE to award grants to education agencies that can build the capacity of school districts and public schools to promote equity and increase opportunities for underserved students.

Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) Equity ModelContinuous Improvement Process Equity Model

The CIP Equity Model supports the improvement of educational equity in schools by engaging participants in a process that both strengthens their understanding of the complexities of equity and helps them develop a continuous improvement habit of mind with the goal of implementing sustainable system change for all students. The model includes research-proven methodologies and strategies.

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A Focus on Equity

Thumbnail image of A Focus on Equity ReportVarious initiatives and regulations have called educators to action around equity for decades (Shields, 2009). Today, we have school accountability in place that mandates the conversation of equity in schools, but these conversations too often lead to packaged solutions. Instead of focusing on an integrated, systems-based approach to addressing equity challenges, many schools opt for quick fixes. CEPIP requires school teams to investigate the causes of inequity in their schools. It encourages them to have deep conversations about race, implicit bias, gender discrimination, and other topics. Read this Focus on Equity Progress Report to learn more about promising practices and reflections on equity work in San Diego County. The Final Focus on Equity Report can be found here

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