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Graduation and elementary students happy at school


Educational equity means students have access, opportunities, and supports to thrive in school.

This requires a systemic approach that flexibly responds to the needs of students, when they need it and how they need it. Social or cultural factors should not predict whether or not students are prepared for college and career. 

To deliver on the promise of educational equity for all students, the San Diego County Board of Education is committed to providing educational opportunities and support to district and school leaders, teachers and other stakeholders so that all students, including our historically underserved students, are served well and are successful. 

The Equity department supports this effort by providing equity-focused services to schools and districts, charter organizations, independent, and Juvenile Court and Community Schools throughout San Diego County. Learn more about our work with schools through our California Equity Performance and Improvement Program grant in partnership with Kern County Superintendent of Schools.

Equity Improvement Project

SDCOE Equity Department has designed a one-year model of partnership and support for equity teams from school sites and districts to learn, explore, and lead through issues of equity. We believe that leadership comes from the inside out. For this reason, we guide educators to explore their own identities as we individually and collectively explore our mindsets and build our skills for practical application.

Some goals include: 

  • Establish norms and practices for growing together, including the concept of adult development, team formation, deep listening, giving and receiving feedback and keeping external/internal equity at the center of our work.
  • Co-construct ideal collective identity and the necessary actions for its achievement.
  • Develop equity consciousness, including a deep understanding of all the ‘isms
  • Develop a strong team of equity-minded leaders
  • Build knowledge and practice of Improvement Science/Liberatory Design
  • Lead through re-designing a team to identify a system/structure/process rooted in inequity
  • Develop, practice, and refine a continuous improvement habit of mind
Review our proposal template or contact us at or at 858-295-8855.

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