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Writing Redesigned for Innovative Teaching and Equity (WRITE)

Writing Redesigned for Innovative Teaching and Equity (WRITE)

The Writing Redesigned for Innovative Teaching and Equity (WRITE) Institute, a national academic excellence model for professional development, supports K-12 schools and districts to implement an equity-centered, culturally and linguistically responsive writing approach in English and Spanish.  Aligned to the writing standards in the California Common Core Standards for English Language Arts and Literacy in History/Social Science, Science, and Technical Subjects, WRITE prepares students for college, career, and civic participation. 

Through partnerships with schools, districts, and county offices, WRITE develops a network of leaders with a shared understanding of quality academic literacy instruction. Join K-12 teacher leaders across the state in a 10-week online course to focus on equity-centered, research-based writing instruction.

Institute of Education Sciences (IES) Research Study:
Eric Haas, Julie Goldman & Christian Faltis (2018) Writing Practices for Mainstream Teachers of Middle School English Learners: Building on What We Know Works Effectively

Upcoming WRITE Institutes:

WRITE Elementary (grades K-5)

This 10-week course introduces elementary educators (K-5) to culturally and linguistically responsive instructional practices, with an emphasis on academic literacy and writing instruction. During one-hour meetings and applied projects, teacher leaders build their capacity to support site and district implementation through dynamic learning. The asynchronous course component (approximately one hour per week) includes readings, relevant online discussions and applied projects.

Thursdays, starting Feb. 25 and going until April 29, 3-4 p.m. PST

Cost: $300 per participant

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