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Students walking in school quad.

Leadership Transition

​We expect a lot from our principals. When they start at a new school, there's no practice, no rehearsal. There's just a new leader who has to hit the ground running.​

The San Diego County Office of Education Leadership Transition service​ gets principals up to speed quickly by helping school staff members communicate their culture and needs. 

The process is adapted from military and organizational development methods, and focuses on the data rather than judgment or opinions. 

The Leadership Transition service includes an online survey of all staff – certificated and classified –  that examines the internal management processes and procedures for improving overall effectiveness at the school. (See examples of survey questions here and here).​

The survey data is unpacked by a representative group of school staff members in a day long workshop facilitated by the SDCOE Leadership Transition team. The group uses the data to identify trends, themes, strengths, areas of need, and recommendations, which they present to the new principal. 

Together the principal and Leadership Transition group submit the process and the work to all school staff members, so that everyone understands the concerns, expectations, and major priorities of the school. 

The Leadership Transition service is an opportunity for school staff members to feel supported and validated. It also aids new principals in building a team, tackling challenges, and developing trust throughout the campus. 

Minimize individual and organizational stress and help your new school leaders embark on productive working relationships with staff through the Leadership Transition service. 

Contact Sheelagh Moran​ today to schedule the service.