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Services and Trainings

District and School Improvement Unit provides a continuum of services to build and support instructional leadership capacity for district-level and school-based administrators.

Program Improvement Intervention Support

The unit also provides Intensive and sustained support to schools and districts under Program Improvement sanctions. District Assistance and Intervention Team (DAIT), School Assistance and Intervention Team (SAIT), and High Priority Schools Grant Program (HPSGP). Services include:

  • Academic Program Survey (APS) Online
  • Action plan development and implementation support
  • Data analysis
  • District School Leadership Team development
  • Facilitation of state-required needs assessment tools
  • Guidance in analyzing district and school systems
  • Implementation of learning cycles and site walk through
  • Improvement of teaching and learning
  • LEA Plan monitoring and revision
  • Monitoring achievement of program goals

Administrative Institutes and Credentialing

The San Diego County Office of Education provides a continuum of services to build leadership capacity for principals and administrators:

  • New and Aspiring Leaders Institute
  • One-on-One Administrator Coaching
  • Tier I Preliminary Credentialing Program
  • Tier II Administrative Clear Credential Program

Leadership Transition

Another service the County Office provides is leadership transition, which helps administrators move smoothly to a new site. Adapted from the military and organizational development, the leadership transition process includes online surveying of the school staff and a facilitated one-day workshop with a representative team to analyze and distill the survey results. This powerful process effectively builds site consensus to work with the incoming administrator to bridge the past and improve school achievement.

State and Federal Programs

The unit also provides services related to state and federal categorical programs. These include:

  • Categorical Project Directors Network
  • Federal Program Monitoring (FPM)
  • No Child Left Behind
  • School Site Council
  • Quality Education Investment Act (QEIA)
  • Valenzuela Legislation AB 347
  • Williams Settlement