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 Migrant Students Engage in STEAM Workshops at Legoland

Migrant education students and their parents recently had the opportunity to take a daylong educational trip to Legoland to participate in multiple STEAM workshops. 

Students from various schools in San Diego County participated in 1-2 workshops in the areas of robotics, engineering, tinkering, and building. They also visited the park’s aquarium where they learned about sea life and their contribution to the ecosystem. 

"My son likes to build with Legos and when he listened to how many laymen were used to build the different structures, he was very impressed," one parent said.

The trip was organized by SDCOE’s Migrant Education Program and funded through a partnership with Kids College.

The goal of the trip was to engage students in STEAM subjects, especially engineering, and inspire them to continue studying the subjects.

Students that would benefit from external exposure to STEAM educational opportunities were selected to attend the trip. Additional trips will be scheduled later this year. 

"This is not just a one-day walk, it's going to stay like a good memory for a lifetime," another parent said.

Migrant Education is a federally funded program that provides supplementary educational and support services to identified migrant students. The Migrant Education Program Region IX is administered through the San Diego County Office of Education and serves students in Orange and San Diego counties.