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 Building The Language of Mathematics Team Kicks Off First Professional Development Session

‚ÄčThe San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE) kicked off the "Building The Language of Mathematics" professional development series, supporting the development and effective use of mathematics vocabulary and academic language.

Sandra Sincek, Elementary Mathematics Project Specialist at SDCOE, led 25 teachers in the training on how to teach mathematics in a ways that maximize students' comprehension and retention. Teachers who attended the session were the first in San Diego County to receive the training.

"What children learn early on in mathematics can affect their academic achievement later on down the road," Sincek said. "Building the Language of Mathematics helps teachers with the direct instructional approach in mathematics instruction."

Building the Language of Mathematics was designed in response to teachers' requests for assistance with kindergarten through sixth grade math vocabulary instruction. The content consists of 13 instructional templates and 76 model lessons with academic math content and vocabulary found in California mathematics standards.

A glossary of the mathematics standards vocabulary for teachers and students is used as a resource to understand the mathematical concepts and connections. The content also contains model lessons based on direct instruction and concept development, including vocabulary review activities and assessment suggestions.

All students, especially English learners, generational poverty students and special education students have difficulties in understanding mathematic vocabulary and concepts. The San Diego County Superintendents Achievement Gap Task Force supports the intervention for closing the academic achievement gap in San Diego County with Building the Language of Mathematics, K-6.

Four professional development sessions on Building the Language of Mathematics have been scheduled for teachers. They are: November 1, January 23, 2007, February 27, 2007, and May 1, 2007. For more information contact Sandra Sincek, Elementary Mathematics Project Specialist, (858) 292-3806,