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 PIQE, Horton Elementary Featured On New Azteca America Education Newsbreak Segments

‚ÄčThe highly regarded Parent Institute for Quality Education, and Horton Elementary School's thriving parent involvement program, are featured in the initial education newsbreak segments on Ch. 10's Spanish language sister station, Azteca America Ch. 15.

"To us, it's very important that Hispanic kids achieve in school," said Aztec America's Claudia Llausas, who is producing the 45-second segments. "This is a way for us to reach parents and tell them, 'Hey, these are things you can do to help your children in school.'"

Llausas taped the first segments recently at Horton Elementary School in San Diego Unified School District. In one segment, Paty Mayer-Ochoa of the Parent Institute spoke about getting off to a good start in the school year, and what that means for parents and families. In another segment, Horton parent liaison Margarita Bacigalupo talks about helping your child throughout the year.

The segments will air several times on Fridays, in the afternoon and up until 9:00 p.m., according to Llausas.

"This is a most effective way to get important messages across to parents," said Mayer-Ochoa, who hosts ITV Ch. 16's popular Spanish language "Usted Como Padre" series, which also provides concrete advice for parents to help with their children's school achievement. "This is one of the best uses of television."

Azteca America's joins NBC's "Mi San Diego," as well as longtime Spanish stations Univision and Telemundo, in bringing education news to their viewers on a regular basis. "Mi San Diego" features a monthly, in-studio education segment, airing the first Thursday each month in the 7:00 p.m. newscast.