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 Pupil Services Psychologist Patrick Crain Receives Statewide Award

​Pupil Services psychologist Patrick Crain was awarded the prestigious Presidents Award at a convention in Monterey, California for exemplary service to children from the California Association of School Psychologists (CASP).

Nominated by his peers on the Executive Board of CASP, Crain appreciates the support he received from his colleagues. "I was truly surprised, humbled and very pleased to receive this type of recognition and award. Being recognized by your peers for your work was a special event," said Crain.

Crain who provides psychological services to the Juvenile Court and Community Schools (JCCS) includes crisis interventions, behavioral interventions, cognitive progress and academic reviews and assessments. Students experiencing grief, suicidal thoughts and drug abuse are counseled by Crain, often with parent or police interventions. Encountering an average of ten students including special education students weekly, the interventions include report writing, teacher parent consultations and assessments, which lead to student academic achievement in a stabilized and structured environment.

All students are required to have a current educational plan with goals to be accepted in the program. Crain's main goal is to assist students to complete the academic program with a career goal in mind. As a result, students complete the program with stronger personal relationship skills and the ability to market themselves in the work force.

Wendell Callahan, School Psychologist for the Juvenile Court and Community Schools Special Education program, (JCCS) said, "Patrick has worked tirelessly delivering a variety of school psychology services to students in virtually all of our JCCS programs, from Rancho del Campo to Vista Summit to Oak Creek. He has approached his work with a quiet professionalism and modesty we should all aspire to. It's heartening to see that CASP has seen fit to recognize Patrick for his outstanding work. Well done, Patrick!"

Crain has worked in smaller school districts in San Diego County for 12 years, and for the JCCS program for the last four years. His JCCS work includes summit school assignments in the East County, Metro, Hope Region and North Region.

The California Association of School Psychologists is the largest statewide organization of school psychologists in the nation. Comprised of individuals who work in school districts and in private practice throughout the state, helping school personnel--teachers, administrators, and counselors--support student education and solve related learning, social, and adjustment problems.