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 County Teachers Get First Glance at Mathematics, Intervention Materials

‚Äč\More than two hundred educators from throughout San Diego County gathered at the County Office of Education for the K-6 Basic Mathematics and Intervention Materials Showcase. Teachers and educators from 29 school districts, and five private and charter schools attended the showcase eager to receive a first glance at the mathematic materials.

The County Office of Education invited 13 publishers approved by the California State Board to showcase their materials. This showcase is the second of two events giving teachers a first glance at state-adopted mathematic materials. The first showcase featured Algebra Readiness Intervention materials for grades 6-8.

Each materials showcase featured textbooks and instructional materials judged by the state board of education to meet California academic content standards. If the materials meet grade-level standards for their subject, the state board "adopts" them. Once texts and other resources are "adopted," school districts can be reimbursed for the cost of their purchase.

"This event is an opportunity for educators to see all State Board-approved publishers in one place," said Sandy Sincek, Coordinator, Curriculum and Educational Technology Unit, Mathematics. "It's an extremely convenient time for school adoption teams to sample publisher presentations and narrow down their choices."

With nearly half of San Diego County's school districts represented, each team rotated to six publishers throughout the showcasing event.

"Today's showcase was great in that it provided an excellent service for those smaller districts in need of a full range of materials," said Pat Ravin of Ramona Unified School District. "Our district has plans to choose three to four programs to pilot in our schools, including the Math Toolkit."

The Math Toolkit, developed by the Mathematics team at the County Office of Education, was designed to support the development and effective use of mathematics vocabulary and academic language for K-6 students. The Toolkit includes extensive vocabulary lesson templates, models and graphic organizers for elementary classrooms.