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 Celebration of Girls and Women in Sports, Set for Feb 6

​The third annual SDSU Celebration of Girls and Women in Sports, combining a one-of-a-kind, all-sports clinic for young girls and an Aztec women’s basketball game, is set for February 6 at Viejas Arena.

The Celebration is free for K-8 students (boys and girls) and their parents, guardians, teachers and chaperones. The pre-game Festival of Sports clinic begins at 11 a.m. in the plaza area outside Viejas Arena, and the SDSU vs. New Mexico women’s game tips off at 12:30.

After the game the women’s basketball team will sign autographs for youngsters in attendance.

“The Celebration of Girls and Women in Sports is a fabulous opportunity for young girls to get great coaching, instruction and advice from college athletes in all sports,” said County Superintendent of Schools Randy Ward, who has attended both previous Celebrations with his two young children. “The SDSU women athletes are great role models---they’re strong, they’re physically fit, and they can talk about the importance of academic achievement, discipline, and personal responsibility.”

Athletes from each of the SDSU women’s teams will take part in the Celebration, in action stations arranged around the outside of Viejas Arena. As they have in the previous two Celebrations, they will talk to young girls about their sports, describe their training and workout regimens, and convey to the younger students the importance of schoolwork.

Best of all, the younger students will get to hit, throw, kick, shoot and otherwise launch all kinds of balls, with the SDSU athletes alongside to show them how. It’s a loud, chaotic and incredibly fun 90 minutes.