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 Target Volunteers Put Makeover Touch On Historic Cuyamaca Outdoor School

​The historic Cuyamaca Outdoor School is looking better than it has in years—maybe even decades---thanks to a complimentary “makeover” courtesy of Target store volunteers.

More than 60 Target volunteers took buses and vans to the 60-year-old campus recently, armed with power-sprayers, rakes, drills and a variety of household items, all to give the venerable outdoor school a clean and fresh look.

In addition to the cleaning and gardening work, Target volunteers installed new window treatments, light fixtures, bedding, and assorted other accessories in the teacher lodgings.

The school is the home of the oldest Sixth Grade Camp in California, and is typically bustling throughout the week, every week, during the school year, with students getting hands-on science lessons, extended nature walks, and astronomy lessons under the stars.

The “makeover” took place on a rare Friday when there were no students on-campus.

“This was a fantastic gesture on the part of Target,” said Brian Swagerty, Director of Outdoor Education for the San Diego County Office of Education. “Not only is the facility much nicer now, but the fact that a marquee business like Target has taken such an interest in outdoor education is extremely gratifying.”

The relationship between Target and Cuyamaca Outdoor School is a result of the County Office of Education’s corporate sponsorship campaign. Target was one of the first companies to contribute, providing funds for underprivileged students to attend Sixth Grade Camp.

The decision to provide the “makeover” came about after a few visits to the campus. “Education is the cornerstone of our communities and a top priority for Target,” said Lee Kaufmann, District Team Leader for Target. “Our partnership with Cuyamaca Outdoor School is part of Target’s commitment to driving positive change in K-12 schools nationwide while building a foundation for kids to succeed in school and in life.”

The Volunteer San Diego organization helped with the “makeover” work. Also on hand were County Board of Education President Sharon Jones and County Superintendent of Schools Randy Ward.

The outdoor school is also under construction, with two new student dorms and an assembly hall scheduled to open within weeks.