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 Nominations for Governor´s Fitness And Sports Spotlight Awards For Teachers, Principals Now Available On-line

​Nominations are open for teachers and principals who’ve done outstanding work in physical education, and last year’s top honoree among principals says his school’s program has had a significant impact on academic achievement as well as physical fitness.

Rick Oser, Principal of Golden Avenue School in the Lemon Grove School District, received the 2009 Governor’s Council on Fitness and Sports Gold Medal, and with it $10,000 for his program, as a result of the Comprehensive Wellness Program (CWP) he implemented at Golden Avenue.

”Kids are now more motivated to come to school,” Oser said, as a result of the CWP. “They’re more ready to learn. And they’re more physically fit. For a lot of kids, it’s something to look forward to. For a lot of students, the opportunities for physical fitness are more limited these days.”

Oser said fourth and fifth graders at Golden Avenue start every day with 30 minutes of physical activity. “As a result, they’re ready to jump in and learn,” he said. Why? “One, because of the effect of the physical activity. And second, we have a lot of team activities, so students feel engaged and successful when they start class.”

Oser was one of two San Diego County principals honored in the statewide program last year. The other, San Marcos Middle School principal Brian Randall, was the Bronze Medalist, which brought a $1,000 award to his North County campus.