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 New Green Machine Reaching More Students Thanks To Support from Kaiser Permanente, Henry´s Farmers Market

​Children at Lafayette Elementary School sang, squealed, and learned about healthy food and where it comes from during a recent visit of the County Office of Education’s Green Machine van, funded by grants from Kaiser Permanente and Henry’s Farmers Market.

“The Green Machine program is perfectly aligned with our message at Kaiser Permanente,” said Roger Dougherty, Director of Public Affairs in San Diego for the healthcare provider. “We’re very pleased to support the program, and bring its lessons of healthy eating and physical activity to more students.”

Representatives of Henry’s were also in attendance at Lafayette, and helped install a miniature raised garden at the school, and also provided fresh apples for all the students taking part in the Green Machine lessons. The two companies were among the first to enlist in the County Office of Education’s corporate sponsorship campaign.

The Green Machine is part of the Outdoor Education program operated by the San Diego County Office of Education. Green Machine is a seed-to-table explanation of where food comes from, targeted at elementary students, with environmental and energy lessons integrated as well.

The financial support of Kaiser enabled the office of education to purchase an additional Green Machine van. That additional vehicle, and the additional financial support from Kaiser and Henry’s, will enable the program to reach approximately twice as many students.

“This is fantastic,” said Brian Swagerty, Director of Outdoor Education for the County Office of Education, as children called out answers to their Green Machine instructors a few feet away. “It’s very gratifying to receive this kind of support from companies like Kaiser and Henry’s.

“And this is what it’s all about,” he added, gesturing at the enthusiastic collection of Lafayette students.