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 NBC Launching Inspirational Student, Teacher Projects

​Local television station NBC 7/39 has launched new, on-air recognition programs to honor outstanding students and teachers.

The Inspirational Student of the Month and Inspirational Teacher of the Month segments will both be reported by longtime NBC news reporter Rory Devine, who was a teacher herself before entering the field of television news.

Nominate a student! 

Nominate a teacher! 

The first Inspirational Student story, on Preuss School senior Jerome Sanders, aired March 4. The first Inspirational Teacher story will air March 18, featuring Cajon Valley Union School District teacher Sharon Keffer. New segments will air on the first and third Thursdays each month (students on the first Thursday, teachers on the third) during NBC’s 4:00 p.m. newscast.

“It is my favorite part of the job, absolutely,” Devine said. “I meet students who touch my heart, some because they are reaching out to help others, and some because they themselves have overcome obstacles to be successful. Oh! The stories they tell!

“I always say to them that while they’re being honored, and they get to be on TV---and yes, that’s cool---they may also be making an impact on someone who’s watching---a kid struggling in school, a kid in the middle of a difficult family situation. They may never know who they’ve touched.”

Referring to the Inspirational Teacher of the Month packages she’ll be doing, Devine said, “I’ve been in many great classrooms as a reporter, and seen such unbelievable teaching, I love the opportunity to bring that kind of information, and that kind of story, to people who wouldn’t otherwise see it. The work that teachers do really IS inspirational.”