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 Educators Celebrate New Credentials at Symposium

The first group of educators to receive administrative credentials through the San Diego County Office of Education Preliminary Administrative Services Credential Program celebrated the milestone June 20 by showing off their work and networking with superintendents.

The symposium was a way to not only recognize the accomplishment of completing the 15-month program, but also a chance for them to explore employment options with their new skills and credential. The 27 teachers from throughout the county were able to hand out their resume, chat with superintendents and display the action research they did as one of the seven courses in the program.

The program was designed for teachers looking to move into a school leadership role, primarily as a school principal.

Participants said they were pleased with the results.

“The SDCOE Tier I program has given me strategies and skills to move beyond being a managerial leader to being an instructional leader,” said Jalyn Hall, one of the first group to receive the credentials.

At the symposium, superintendents gave the teachers advice about life as a successful administrator and what they’re looking for in a principal as part of a panel discussion.

The first cohort started the program in March 2013. Since then there have been two other cohorts, and a fourth will start this fall. The number of educators looking to apply continues to grow as the program builds a reputation for providing rigorous preparation focused on
instructional leadership, said Dan Wolfson, who oversees the program.

The credentialing program was created with the help of input from local superintendents with a focus on instructional leadership and the characteristics and skills they were looking for in administrators, as well as a way to cultivate leaders from within their districts.

“The program was developed to meet the needs of the superintendents,” Wolfson said.