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 Educating Young Mothers: Lindsay Blended Community School

​Lindsay Blended Community School has served young mothers for about 20 years.

The school offers a combination of independent-study and in-person learning opportunities. The three teachers, three assistants, and one social worker there offer a flexible curriculum, as the girls there have frequent medical appointments and tend to miss school when their babies are ill.

“We expect the girls to be here every day,” Teacher Inez Martinez said. “They want to learn and we need to provide that.”

There are about 80 students at the Juvenile Court and Community Schools campus, ranging in age from 14 to 22. Some have two or three kids. Most of the students are referred to the program by their school district or through social services programs. Not many school districts have specialized programs for teen parents.

Most of the students come from low-income families. Many are also raising their children by themselves.

“Every girl here has a story,” Martinez said. “There’s not one that comes from a solid two-parent home.”

The school shares a building in downtown San Diego with two other JCCS programs and on-site child care.