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 Federal Education Officials Visit SDCOE

​Officials with the U.S. Department of Education recently visited the San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE) as part of an audit of statewide programs to hire and support highly qualified teachers.

The California Department of Education selected three educational agencies from across the state for the officials to visit.

“It was quite an honor to be one of those three,” said Chris Reising, a human resources director with SDCOE who helped organize the Sept. 15 visit. “We have room for improvement, but we’re doing great work, and it was refreshing to have that recognition on the national and state level.”

SDCOE employees from Human Resources, Learning and Leadership Services, and Juvenile Court and Community Schools prepared information and answered questions for the three visiting reviewers.

The visiting officials were looking at what mechanisms and processes SDCOE has in place to ensure that there are highly qualified teachers in every SDCOE classroom, and supports for teachers in districts across the county and state, Reising said. They were particularly interested in SDCOE’s technology projects, he said.

“Technology is a way to deepen and enhance learning,” he said. “We have also leveraged technology to offer high-quality professional learning statewide that supports secondary multi-subject teachers and helps districts meets No Child Left Behind highly qualified teacher requirements.”

The reviewers were so impressed with what’s going on in SDCOE that they invited Superintendent Randy Ward to a national superintendent symposium in Washington D.C.