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 SDCOE Tech Program Wins Statewide Award

​​A San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE) technology initiative that has saved local school districts millions of dollars recently earned statewide recognition.

The Regional Technology Hosting Program received a Golden Bell award from the California School Boards Association in October.

The recognition is especially rewarding coming on the heels of a Golden Watchdog award the program received last year from the San Diego County Taxpayers Association, said Steve Clemons, assistant superintendent and chief information officer.

“It’s interesting that this project was in line with both of their goals,” he said. “The County Office exists to both save money and improve student achievement.”

Through the program, SDCOE has saved participating school districts more than $14 million a year on average by leveraging economies of scale.

The program provides technology services and resources to school districts throughout the county, connecting them through single sign-on cloud resources, technical support, professional development, internet connectivity, student information system services, accounts management, data housing, and more.

“The collective goal of SDCOE’s Integrated Technology Services division is to support schools and districts with the technical aspects of education so they can focus on high-quality teaching, learning, and innovation,” said Greg Ottinger, director of online and blended learning.

Since starting in 2008 based on the needs of the county’s 42 school districts, the program has grown each year. ​​