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 Learning and Leadership Services Kicks Off the New School Year

​With photos of students they serve looking on, the SDCOE Learning and Leadership Services (LLS) staff kicked off the 2014-15 school year by setting out the direction for the division.

The Aug. 18 kick-off meeting began with the goals for the day:

• Understand the rationale and the direction of the Learning and Leadership Services division for 2014-15

• Understand the unique challenges and needs of our 43 districts (this includes Juvenile Court and Community Schools)

• Determine how LLS services and supports will address the needs of districts and students

• Begin to determine individual leadership goals for the year

“We can make a huge difference in the County of San Diego,” Assistant Superintendent Debbie Beldock said. “We have incredible influence and impact on what happens in education in San Diego County.”

LLS staff heard presentations on the state of education in San Diego County, the long-term conditions of LLS, and the SDCOE Local Control Accountability Plan, or LCAP.

During the meeting, participants broke up into groups to discuss strategy and give input on how their unit is going to improve teaching and learning in San Diego County. They also had discussions on what their personal connection is to the LCAP.

Participants were also asked, “In what ways do I want to build capacity in myself and my work that would result in the increased support of the services and actions we provide to our student programs and districts?” This question lead to the development of personal leadership goals for each LLS staff member.

“What we do in LLS is not easy; it is incredibly complex,” Beldock told staff. “This year, we are smarter and better and are going to make this happen.”

The SDCOE Learning and Leadership Services division helps impact student achievement through the improvement of teacher practice, instructional leadership, and district systems of support.