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 Monarch Students Start Internships with Local Businesses

​Seven high school students at Monarch School are now gaining hands-on work experience with local businesses thanks to a new internship program launched last month.

The program is designed to prepare students with critical life skills and workforce readiness training.

Monarch Internship Program students attend class on Mondays for workforce readiness training, and on Thursdays they report to work for on-the-job experience.

Each intern is paired with a work site mentor on staff at the internship site, or experience provider. Mentors provide feedback on the interns' performance at the midterm and final stages of the 12-week cycle. The program includes three cycles throughout the school year.

"On-the-job training provided by our experience providers will be supplemented by classroom education to help prepare our students for job success," says KishaLynn Elliott, Monarch's director of college and career development.

Student interns even earn a paycheck in the form of a stipend. Supplemental classroom workshops cover topics such as goal setting, resume writing, interviewing skills, and financial literacy.

If you'd like to help Monarch’s students prepare for the workforce through the internship program, you can donate here.

Monarch educates children in kindergarten through 12th grade who have been impacted by homelessness. It's the only school of its kind in the county.

Monarch is a unique public-private partnership between the San Diego County Office of Education's Juvenile Court and Community Schools and the nonprofit Monarch School Project. The County Office provides teachers and an accredited education, and the project supplements this program through academic and enrichment programs including an after-school program, expressive arts therapy, and counseling.