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 Two SDCOE Employees Recognized for Helping Students

​​Educators in the Valley Center-Pauma Valley Unified School District recently recognized two San Diego County Office of Education employees for their work to keep kids in school and out of gangs.

The employees, Monica Tinajero and Rosa Alvarado, work with students at Oak Glen High School as part of the PASS AmeriCorps Program, which has been at the school for nearly a decade.

"They have just been invaluable," said Mike Schanze, principal at Oak Glen. "They just do an outstanding job with our students."

Through the program, Tinajero and Alvarado have reached more than 600 students by organizing service-learning projects, helping them in the classroom, mentoring them, overseeing enrichment activities, and a variety of other services.

Oak Glen is a small continuation school that serves students who fell behind at the district's comprehensive high school.

The district's school board recognized Tinajero and Alvarado for their "outstanding contributions" as part of their regular meeting in January.

"I felt honored for myself and my colleagues," Tinajero said. "I know that, every day, we've put in a lot of hard work to help these kids succeed."

The PASS AmeriCorps program helps hundreds of students in grades 3 through 12 in 16 schools in Oceanside, Vista and Valley Center.

"We just do everything possible to make sure that they are able to perform well on school and get back on track," Tinajero said.