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 SDCOE Begins Process of Forming Accountability Plan

​Dozens of San Diego County Office of Education employees from three divisions gathered recently to help shape the future direction of the SDCOE Juvenile Court and Community Schools (JCCS) and Special Education programs.

With the support of the Learning and Leadership Services team, classified and certificated employees have begun engaging in the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) process.

The Local Control Funding Formula requires school districts, county offices of education, and charter schools to develop, adopt, and annually update a three-year LCAP. The plan will set goals for student achievement and describe how the district will use its budget to achieve those goals, paying particular attention to traditionally underserved student populations such as students from low-income families, foster youth, and students who are English language learners.

The LCAP process includes a variety of stakeholders so that those closest to students have the chance to provide input. The JCCS and Special Education planning groups were asked to consider three questions: What does a high-quality teaching and learning look like in a classroom? What would the ideal state of SDCOE programs be? What is the current state of SDCOE programs?

Participants were then given international and national data and research to analyze to identify and prioritize program gaps. These identified gaps and priorities will help establish LCAP goals for our programs.

“I so appreciated the opportunity to engage in thoughtful discussions with colleagues across SDCOE departments with the goal of supporting developments in our programs to support student achievement,” said Stephanie Johnston, JCCS student transition technician.

The Local Control Funding Formula represents a new way of thinking about how we allocate state funding for education. The concept behind the planning process is budgeting for our plan rather than planning for our budget. This allows funding allocations to be based on specific student needs.

“The shift in thinking is having the end goal be all students being ready for college and career rather than how we are going to spend a specific amount of money,” said Debbie Beldock, SDCOE assistant superintendent. “This is a real shift in our planning minds.”

As a county office, SDCOE will have one LCAP that describes not only how we will meet the needs of the students we serve directly but also how we will meet the needs of the school districts we support. The Strategic Leadership Team has been engaged in sessions similar to those of the JCCS and Special Education communities, gathering input from various representatives of local districts.

These planning meetings are the first phase in the LCAP process. Throughout the month of March, SDCOE will continue to gather feedback from stakeholder groups as it aligns to district goals and student needs. Once this is done, Learning and Leadership Services staff will draft a plan and share with stakeholder groups. It’s anticipated that the LCAP will be ready for public comment in May before the board adopts it along with the budget in June.