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 April Student Board Representative: Christian Molano

At each meeting of the San Diego County Board of Education, a student from the Juvenile Court and Community Schools (JCCS) program is selected to participate as a student representative. In April, the JCCS student representative was Christian Molano.

JCCS Principal Ben Nakamura proudly introduced Christian and told the story of Christian joining him and other JCCS students on a visit to a local elementary school, which also happened to be the school Christian attended as an child. The visit was to mentor and provide guidance to 5th-grade boys who were exhibiting challenging behavior in the classroom.

Christian was given an opportunity to speak to the young students, and his words were so powerful and inspiring that the squiggly little boys stopped giggling and listened intently. Not only had Christian touched the students with his story; his story touched the adults in the room, including the elementary principal who once expelled him.

Christian will be graduating with his high school diploma next quarter. Christian hopes to use his own experiences to help others.

After hearing Christian’s story, board member Gregg Robinson stated, “The honor is sitting next to you. You are the reason sitting on this bench is worthwhile.”

All JCCS students are eligible for nomination by teachers and selection by program principals. Selection is based on the following criteria:

  • Excellent academic progress
  • Triumph over personal adversity
  • Academic growth and improvement
  • Citizenship demonstrating positive behaviors
  • Community service