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 Board of Education Highlights July Student Representative

At each meeting of the San Diego County Board of Education, a student from the Juvenile Court and Community Schools (JCCS) is selected to participate as a student board representative.

In July, the JCCS student representative was independent study student Dominique Shydian.

Dominique has been a student with JCCS teacher Kathy Toon since July 2012. She is also a part-time student at Grossmont Community College. With the support and camaraderie of her mother, who is also enrolled at Grossmont majoring in marketing, Dominique enrolled in a digital arts course at the college-- a choice inspired by an art appreciation class she took this past term.

Miss Toon describes Dominique as a joy to teach and fierce when she sets her mind on completing any goal. Dominique is scheduled to graduate next spring. Her current GPA is 3.57.

All JCCS students are eligible for nomination by teachers and selection by program principals. Selection is based on the following criteria:

  • Excellent academic progress
  • Triumph over personal adversity
  • Academic growth and improvement
  • Citizenship demonstrating positive behaviors
  • Community service