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 Call for Nominations: Innovation in Education Awards

​​​​Imagine winning an award and $10,000 check for your school or district! 

Thanks to the Innovation in Education Awards​ by the Classroom of the Future Foundation (CFF), that dream could come true. All you have to do is decide which amazing, innovative project that improves K-12 education you want to nominate​ and do so by the March 16 deadline. Anyone can apply; you can even nominate yourself for your own project. The Innovation Awards provide $25,000 in awards and winners can earn up to a $10,000 donation for their school or district, in addition to a trophy and video profile documentary

Start the nomination process by looking at the CFF nomination form​ and brainstorm answers to the questions, as well as ideas of proof that shows the nominated program has met its objectives. Then decide which award category your nomination would best fit into, and finally provide evidence of the program.

In order to complete a CFF Innovation Award nomination, you must first specify which award category you are nominating a program for. There are four options: inspire, innovate, achieve, and impact. If you think the program you are nominating falls under more than one category, you may nominate a program for any combination of categories.

The inspire award recognizes a program which gets students excited about learning. There is a special focus on the program characteristics that strengthen student interest and that enrich learning. Programs which creatively revolutionize the way students learn should choose the innovate award. This award focuses on the “program actions” and how these innovative actions propel student success. Does the program you’re nominating have tangible results and strong evidence showing how successful it has been in enhancing educational achievement? If so, nominate your program for the achieve award. This award focuses on “program evidence” that correlates directly with positive student outcomes. Finally, there is the impact award. This award is a best-of-show type of award that is awarded to the program that best embodies all three attributes — inspire, innovate, and achieve.

Now that you’re ready to nominate a program, here are a few examples of questions from the nomination form and examples of past award winners. The first question on the nomination form is, “How did the specific program attributes enhance student learning and behavior?” Other questions include, “How will the specific innovations affect teaching and student learning?” And “What were short- and long-term effects on teachers and students?”

Remember to provide program evidence in either video or written form. Try not to make the written evidence too long; focus on the main points of the program. Also, don’t include website links, as the jury will read PDF forms only. Examples of past program winners include the “One to One Digital Learning Program,” which provided 5,500 students with iPads for more access to digital curriculum. Other past winners were the “Sweetwater Robotics Program” and “The Flipped Classroom” program.

Classroom of the Future Foundation has been acknowledging innovative programs in K-12 education within San Diego County since 2004. The 2015 Innovation Awards will be presented at the annual awards dinner on May 20 at USD Hahn Center. By nominating a program for the CFF Innovation Awards, you are bettering San Diego County education and giving more students access to innovative learning environments. Award winners can win $5,000 or $10,000 for their school or district, not to mention recognition in the community. Since anyone can apply, what are you waiting for? Nominate a program, provide evidence, and reap the benefits — it’s that simple.