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 Glitz and Glamour Meet Learning at Annual K-12 Student Red Carpet Event

Student filmmakers from throughout the county got the star treatment this weekend at the annual Innovative Video in Education (iVIE) film festival and awards, where they walked the red carpet, accepted awards, and showed off their videos.

The event honored the best videos created by students in kindergarten through high school. It was sponsored by the San Diego County Credit Union and organized by the San Diego County Office of Education.

This year's festival was the biggest one ever with about 1,000 people attending and more than 400 videos submitted.

"The show was a big success," said Leigh Murrell, who organized the event. "The kids got a chance to shine, feel special, and be recognized for their talent and hard work, which was really our goal."

There were winners in 28 categories, including three grand recognition winners. Students tackled subjects such as bullying, phone etiquette, financial planning, drug use, and black holes.

All of the award winners are listed below.

Winning teams received high-definition video cameras donated by Sony Electronics, membership to San Diego Computer Using Educators (SDCUE), and a ticket to SDCUE's annual Tech Fair. Grand recognition winners will get a pro high-definition video camera as well as $500 from the San Diego County Credit Union.

This was the 14th year for the iVIE awards, which were held Saturday at UltraStar Cinemas in Hazard Center.

One of the exciting changes this year was the addition of student hosts. Five children of various ages took turns hosting the show throughout the day. It was split into three sections, one for elementary school students, one for special awards and middle school students, and another for high school students.

"It was a groundbreaking year," said Craig Leach, who helped organize the event.

The iVIE program is a powerful way for teachers to incorporate project-based, hands-on experiences into their lessons. The competition provides a chance for students to take ownership of their learning in a collaborative and rigorous environment. The films ignite imagination and inspire confidence while integrating academic standards and skills that prepare students for various careers.

"Through filmmaking, students deepen their knowledge in core subject areas, develop their ability to communicate and work as a team, and also learn valuable technical skills," County Superintendent Randy Ward said. "Of course, the kids may or may not know that. What they know is, they had a lot of fun and made a cool video."

This year we lost a special person to iVIE: Bill Simpson. Simpson was a part of iVIE when it began 14 years ago. To honor him and his contributions to San Diego teachers and students, we have started the Bill Simpson Award, which is given to students who exemplify the mission of iVIE: celebrating learning through filmmaking.

And the winners are:

K-2 Cross Curricular

Don't Get Mad, Just Add! - Birney Elementary - San Diego Unified

3-5 Humanities

The Futuristic Caveman - Mission Estancia Elementary School - Encinitas Union

3-5 STEM

Start from Scratch! - L.R. Green Elementary - Escondido Union


Drop, Cover, and Hold - Juniper Elementary - Escondido Union

K-5 Financial Wellness - SDCCU

Money Matters - Literacy First Charter School - San Diego County Office of Education

Elementary Grand Recognition

The Story of Billy Bob Joe - Mission Estancia Elementary - Encinitas Union

3-8 How-to

Tutorial How to Tie Dye - Meadowbrook Middle - Poway Unified

3-8 Global Village

El Ratón vs. The Tooth Fairy - Sherman Elementary - San Diego Unified

3-8 News

Everyone a Reader - Coronado Middle School - Coronado Unified

3-8 Documentary

Stand...Walk...Soar - Defying the Odds - Mission Estancia Middle - Encinitas Union

3-8 Environmental Services Department

SWPPPED AWAY - Mission Estancia Elementary - Encinitas Union

6-8 Humanities

The Adventures of Howard Carter & Waterboy - Mission Middle - Escondido Union

6-8 STEM

Engineering Rockets - Coronado Middle - Coronado Unified

6-8 PSA

Electro Zombies - Mission Middle - Escondido Union

6-8 Financial Wellness - SDCCU

Spending Wisely - Bear Valley Middle - Escondido Union

6-8 Drug Prevention

One Day…- Mission Middle - Escondido Union

Middle School Grand Recognition

Unbridled Love - Mission Middle - Escondido Union

7-12 iVIE SDCCU Redeye

Rainy Day Fund - Canyon Crest Academy - San Dieguito Union High

9-12 Humanities

Criminal - El Camino High - Oceanside Unified

9-12 STEM

Black Holes - Junipero Serra High - San Diego Unified

9-12 PSA

Silent Scars - The Academy of Our Lady of Peace

9-12 Global Village

White Day - Canyon Crest Academy - San Dieguito Union High

9-12 How-To

How-To: Start a Student Business - Canyon Crest Academy - San Dieguito Union High

9-12 News

The NEST. News, Entertainment, Student Television. 2-19-15 - Hoover High - San Diego Unified

9-12 Documentary

The Man Behind the Machine - Mira Mesa High - San Diego Unified

Bill Simpson Award

Lily’s Journey - Canyon Crest Academy - San Dieguito Union High

9-12 Financial Wellness - SDCCU

Robot Dinosaur - Canyon Crest Academy - San Dieguito Union High

9-12 Drug Prevention

The Truth about Youth Marijuana Use - El Camino High - Oceanside Unified

High School Grand Recognition

I'm Just Like You - Pacific Arts Movement's Reel Voices