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 How New Assessments Will Be Used

​Students across the county and state will take new online assessments over the next several months that educators will be able to use in a variety of ways to improve learning.

The new assessments will provide educators more information more quickly than previous pencil-and-paper assessments were able to.

This will give administrators more information and time to plan efficient, targeted professional learning opportunities for classroom teachers. It will allow teachers more resources and time to fine-tune curriculum, monitor student progress, and identify specific students' learning needs.

The new assessments will include for the first time how much growth individual students have made since the previous test, information that will be useful to educators as well as parents. They will tell us how prepared our students will be for college and careers by the time they graduate.

The results are only one source of information we will be using to monitor student progress. Teachers will also gather other valuable information about each student's learning through classroom assessment and daily student work.

Students in grades 3 through 8 along with those in grade 11 will take the new online assessments for the first time this spring in English language arts and mathematics. The assessments will be completely online and feature a variety of different types of questions.

With more short answers and extended responses, the assessments will require a deeper understanding of key concepts. The computer-based testing will include embedded supports that will give all students the opportunity to fully demonstrate their knowledge and mastery of the new state standards.

For more information about new assessments, visit the California Department of Education's CAASPP website.