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 Student Video Competition to Encourage Zero Waste

As some people may be making resolutions to waste less this year, students can help encourage them while learning powerful skills by creating zero waste videos for the upcoming Innovative Video in Education competition, better known as iVIE.

This year, San Diego Environmental Services Department is sponsoring a zero waste category for the competition that focuses on redefining the way people use resources so that nothing is wasted. The City of San Diego has set a goal to keep 75 percent of all materials out of the landfill by 2020 and reach zero waste by 2040.

“We were really happy to partner with the San Diego Environmental Services Department to help spread awareness of San Diego's zero waste initiative,” said Leigh Murrell, who’s organizing the event for the San Diego County Office of Education. “Making a movie about zero waste fits within science, technology, engineering and math subjects and aligns with the Common Core State Standards.”

The category is just one of 11 at the competition. Students in grades 3 through 12 can submit a video in the category.

The iVIE program is a powerful way for teachers to incorporate standards-based hands-on experiences into their lessons. The competition provides a chance for students to take ownership of their learning in a collaborative and rigorous environment.

“It’s an opportunity for student voice and creativity,” said Leigh Murrell, who’s organizing the event. “With the Common Core State Standards, the ability to take that learning and apply it to real-world situations encourages the deeper thinking that students need to be successful.”

The competition has drawn thousands of participating students from throughout the county over the last 14 years in kindergarten through 12th grade.

The submission period for next year's competition began Nov. 1 and will remain open until March 6. The film festival and awards will be held in April.

Videos are judged by media professionals and educators. Awards will be given in categories including math, science, language arts, documentary, and public service announcement.

This year’s iVIE competition presented by the San Diego County Credit Union and will feature a new website, new categories, and a judging rubric that aligns more closely with learning objectives and standards.