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 Making The Most of Assessment Data

​One of the ways the San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE) is supporting local school districts is by creating tools and resources to help them figure out how best to use new assessment results to drive instruction.

This is the first year for the new assessment data, which can’t be compared with information taken from previous tests. Still, this baseline data can be useful to schools, said Mindy Shacklett, mathematics coordinator for SDCOE.

Since the results started coming out over the last couple of months, Shacklett has been poring through documents and information with the goal of creating tools that will help educators know which practices are the best indication of whether students are on track to meet academic standards.

“If all they do is teach the content and not the practices, they’re behind the eight ball,” Shacklett said. “It’s not enough just to give them the formula and show them the steps.”

These tools will include a rubric for administrators to help them talk about and observe instruction with the new assessment data in mind. For teachers, the data will be used to create planning tools.

Shacklett says she plans to share the information she is compiling with high school math leaders throughout San Diego and Imperial counties.