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 SDCOE Helps Districts Go from Documents to Actions

When budget and curriculum experts work together, students benefit.

San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE) leaders are modeling that message by working with local school districts to support them as they bring to life their Local Control and Accountability Plans (LCAPs).

“We put ourselves out to the districts as a team,” said Lora Duzyk, assistant superintendent of Business Services. “It can only help students when everybody’s on the same page.”

SDCOE officials are meeting with leaders from each of the county’s 42 school districts at least once this year. Instead of focusing on the documents themselves, they’re hearing from districts about what worked in the development and review process and how districts are implementing the actions and services coming from the LCAPs.

“We wanted to meet face-to-face with each district for an opportunity to take some time to find out how they’re doing with the implementation of the plans,” said Jean Madden-Cazares, assistant superintendent of Learning and Leadership Services.

The meetings are an opportunity to identify best practices, determine what challenges were common, and find ways to better serve districts and students. As part of the work, SDCOE officials are looking at sample LCAPs from across the state. The documents can be long and complex, averaging more than 100 pages each.

The meetings are also an opportunity for county Superintendent Dr. Randolph Ward to share information on the future of the LCAP and related issues based on his involvement in state level groups.

“It’s all a part of getting better at figuring out what the districts want and how we can better support them,” said Nancy Sedgwick, LCAP director.