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 There’s Still Time! Apply for the County Board of Education

A local board of education has one of the most important responsibilities in our society—helping plan the education of the children in the community. Its decisions affect the lives of students and their parents as well as the economic well-being of the community.

The San Diego County Board of Education is looking for qualified candidates to fill a current vacancy in District 2. This is an exciting opportunity to serve in a countywide capacity to make a difference in the lives of our region's kids. District 2 includes the southwestern portion of the county from Southern San Diego to the U.S.-Mexico border.

"Those who step forward to serve in this capacity to serve the best interests of children are indeed providing a great service to the community," said Rick Shea, who was appointed to the County Board of Education on July 8 to represent District 5.

As a County Board of Education member, individuals will participate in policy making and planning in the best interests of county students. They will also help the San Diego County Office of Education's work to eliminate educational opportunity gaps that are barriers to student achievement as well as support the implementation of strategies to ensure global workplace readiness for all students.

To be in a position that can have a positive effect on the 500,000 children in San Diego County schools is indeed a great honor. With that honor comes the responsibility to work for continuous improvement in the service we provide to the children and the community, says Shea.

Please visit to find information on applying for appointment to the San Diego County Board of Education.