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 Students at East Mesa Create Self-Portraits


Students at East Mesa School recently reflected on how they view themselves and how others see them as they created self-portraits.

Dorothy Corona, a teacher at the school, applied for a grant from the San Diego Teachers’ Fund that paid to bring a professional artist into the classroom for the art lessons.

“They love doing art and a lot of them are really talented at it,” Corona said.

Before they created the paintings, the artist taught the students about self-portraits and their long history. The students were asked to write down 10 ways they see themselves and 10 ways they think other people see them and to incorporate some of those into their work.

The school is part of the East Mesa Juvenile Detention Facility. The facility is run by the County of San Diego Probation Department and the school is operated by the San Diego County Office of Education as part of its Juvenile Court and Community Schools program.

Teachers at the school have long worked to offer more art lessons for the students at the facility and hope to have more in the future, Corona said.

“They loved it,” she said. “They want the artist to come back.”