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 Students Learn About Disasters with New Curriculum

​Fifth grade students at a San Carlos elementary school have just started learning about the science of natural disasters such as wildfires, earthquakes, and they will even examine why Mount St. Helens erupted. It’s part of a special new curriculum, called “Be Aware, Be Prepared!”, developed locally by the San Diego County Office of Emergency Services and San Diego County Office of Education. Students will also learn research methodology, language arts, writing and presentation skills.

“This topic is relevant, even with kids; San Diego County has proclaimed local emergencies three times over the past 11 years,” said Holly Crawford, director of the County Office of Emergency Services. “The whole idea is to get safety information to students at the right age -- to instill in children the importance of understanding why these emergencies happen and the need to be prepared for natural disasters so they can remain safe.”

The curriculum meets the state’s Common Core standards of English Language Arts and Next Generation Science, said Kira Shearer, English language arts coordinator for the San Diego County Office of Education and author of the curriculum. The state Office of Emergency Services plans to replicate and offer the curriculum to other counties in the state.

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